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getting kicked in the ass by the power that be

so, my computer has a virus and i'm about to graduate. i can't tell you what an inconvienience that is. i can't spell so don't make fun.

i had SO much fun in tampa this weekend and i definitely want to go back for a longer stay (and a less drunk one). i had a great time hanging out and we went to a lot of cool places. i know i got too drunk and i don't really remember much of the latter part of the night. i remember dancing a lot though. i just hope everyone was as drunk as me and had as much fun. it's hard when you're on the atkins diet cause you're not really supposed to drink. salad's aren't the best for absorbing alcohol

so, now i'm back here in miami and i'm kinda bored. my friends are playing a show at the pube this weekend in case anyone wants to come down. i'm staying in much of the week though, too much work and school. i always say that but i don't i know it's not going to happen.

my car ride home from tampa was the worst. i was dying and this guy tony kept asking me to make out with him. i hate long car rides with dumb people.
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hahahaha!! we have to talk! What a great night!I'm glad you had a good me!
Work was horrible for me the next day..but it was worth it.
i heard you partied up a storm. had mr. flunky there riding on top of cars.