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castaway, 20-something debauchery and noticing when life is uncomplicated and good

it's been so long, i feel like i've been on a far away island without communication to old collegiate regions. my life is more of the same, still dating john, going to school, still looking for a job that isn't completely beneath me. school is going to be done soon and i'm starting to think about what i'm going to do, whether to stay here in miami or to move. i guess when i graduate i'll start pdf-ing my resume off to firms across the country. but, i'm not really thinking about that now. i really need some $$$, i'm flat broke. i've been doing design jobs for my dad and that's been holding me over but now it's dry and there ain't nothin' for me from my dad. i've gotta get some work.

i'm going to gator growl this year which shouldn't be surprising cause my sisters are still there. i think there are something like 20 of us going. it should be interesting, i just think we're going to be taking over any place that comes across our path. i would love it for my orlando friends to maybe make it over to the g-ville one day from that weekend. i'm going to be staying (hopefully) with jason and i believe that my boyfriend might go. it's still uncertian cause he has work, but regardless i think it's going to be a lot o' fun.

this weekend i got some stuff done that i've been needing to get to. i'm starting to teach myself flash with the "training from the source" book. i'm going to get back on it after i finish my corn starch and cooking packaging design for my design 3 class. i also have to start working on a digital imaging proposal and start studying for the digital imaging quiz that takes place on monday. friday i went to the tavern to meet up with my best friend jen, john, peter, george and luis. we only stayed out for a little bit cause halloween kicked our asses. but, on saturday night i had a party at my house (on account that my parents were outta town). it was madness, there were like 100 people and my sisters were down. it was a bunch of fun. john, jen, pete, billy and katie were the only leftovers in the morning. it was fun.

everyone go to gator growl. xxoo
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