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let down, one good turn deserves another and king creole

i've listened to ok computer's "let down" about 30 times already today. it's a real problem, i've been refering to it as one giant musical orgasms to those who haven't heard the song.

what's new? hm....nothing really. school is starting to kick my ass but i like that. today i'm going to get my books today, work on my resume, get a memory chip for my digital cam and a new flash and finish some illustrations i need to get done for a power point presentation. oh yeah, and do about 10 miles on the bike provided the rain lets up a little.

my sister's are going to be in town this weekend and i'm excited. i mean, i have fun when they're not here, i've made a bunch of friends and i've been hanging out with john. but, it's like a celebration when they're here and we always have the best time. katie, dana, renee, jen and i (and maybe veronica) are going to pop life on sat. it's a complete girls night out even though every weekend night is a girls night out, even if there are boys around. we're first going to dana's for a house warming party for her roommate summer. then, we're going to hang out until about the time we should start heading out to pop life. i went to pop life with billy, ray, veronica and jen not this past week but the week before and we had a lot of fun. i really do miss eva and danny when i go there, it just seems as though they should be right by me dancing along (sniff). but, i keep up the tradition just as long as i'm here.

i watched the um/uf game this weekend and it was just shameful. embarassing

what else? parents were gone this weekend and i had a small party at the house on friday. i've become friends with my neighbor/high school friend chantal abitbol again so she spent some time over here with me. saturday john, ray, billy, jen and chantal all left my house in the afternoon (we had a bit of a sleep over) and i was alone all day which was nice. my friend dana called me and invited me to go to her sister's house for the game and i just wasn't up for it. i was excited about having some time to myself. around 8:30 john started calling to find out what i was doing that night and i ended up going to a pool hall with my friend dana to hang out with the boys. it was just her, me, john and about 10 of his guy friends. we had fun, drank some beers, ended up back at john's house and hung out till about 4. i left the next day after watching half of the dolphin's game. i can only take so much of not being at my house. i wanted to go home and just relax like wicked bad. that night i went to dana's to drink wine and watch sex and the city-the final episode. i was there until about midnight and then chantal and i came back to the neighborhood so we could get to bed at a decent time. that was my weekend pretty much.

but, i'm really excited about going dancing this weekend.

life is good right now.

i'm off to research design schools for the spring term. deadlines are in november!!!!!!!!!!

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