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everybody's working for the weekend, mallah mwal ah alllll, jebus

went to the bridge down at hobie beach last night. it's real pretty there, it's been since i took my out of town friends there a couple years back. i forgot how pretty the view can be. i drank many rolling rocks and hung out with some cool people and my sisters. i'm just bored in this town and i feel so stagnant. i don't know, i'm trying to figure out the answer. a good friend of mine told me that if you're happy with yourself you can be happy living in any place. i'm trying to figure out if it's really miami or just my mental state. i just want to be in a better program for graphic design and with a job already, be it in miami or somewhere else.

i'm still waiting to hear from parsons. obviously.

what else? hm, i think i'mm going to watch north shore tonight and get some homework done. i feel restless for some's not good.
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