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a sorely needed roadtrip, what the f#@k and when will i finally hear from that goddamn grad program?

okay, i'mm having some major cabin fever. i've realized that i haven't been anywhere in months other than within a 100 mile radius (have to count ft. laud). so, my friends are on a road trip now and i'm suffering from major jealousy and cabin fever. plus, i'm totally sick of everything and everyone here and need to be refresed by people i haven't seen in awhile. i really wish my cousin tommy lived closer than California/Seattle-i haven't seen him in sooooooo long. anyway, i think it's either gville, tampa or orlando for me next weekend.

i still haven't heard from parsons. i think they've plotted my mental demise with all this waiting.

i got blood drawn today to have a total check up and i'm supposed to go get the results a week from monday. that should be fun. i have two silver dollar bruises where they took the blood on each arm. they, evidentally, couldn't find my veins and stuck me about six times, three on each arm. i was sitting there, they put two turnicates on my arm and sat there slapping my mid arm. five minutes later they're still slapping my arm and i'm slumped up against the wall with my eyes rolling back into my head. ten minutes later i can't feel my arm anymore and i'm sleeping/passed out up against the wall. finally, they got the god damn vein in my left arm to bubble up to take blood from. i left somewhat triumphant since i had been to the office just two days earlier screaming that i couldn't do it, i couldn't have them put the needle in. i was sure to go this time groggy after sleep and not with black coffee rushing through my veins and making me insanely paranoid.

well, that's about it for me right now. i need a beer
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