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legend, the great rubick's caper and the two towers

ah, i'm sleepy. i'm getting to that point in the night where it's time for me to retreat into the depths of minas tirith where i will find my friends gollum, samwise and frodo on their way to the depths of mordor to destroy the ring of darkness. oh yes, i'm almost done (FINALLY) with the two towers. it's only taken me 6 months (to be fair, i've spent about a fortnights time actually reading it). so, i'm feeling moderately accomplished.

so, i have an idea for my third attempt at a personal website. the first one was shit. the second, i only half finished but was a great improvement and the third, which i have not started, will be the final deal for awhile hopefully. here's my idea:

i'm currently designing an interactive rubick's cube in illustrator to import it into flash. there i will add music (which has been selected but for purposes of stealing my idea from the public-i'm not disclosing). then, after it does some spotlight movements and rotate around a bunch, it will slow. then, you will be able to select from one of the traditional "four" cube sides-1. illustrations 2. photography 3. projects and 4. the portfolio. so, it's my new idea that i'm toying with. I've made a prototype side, but it's only 2 dimensional. now i have to work on a three dimensional cube and i have to manipulate it in several frames to make the actions. fun fun.

so, that's about it from me. i quit borders so the torture will end excited. if i get into parson's for fall, i'm going to keep doing the freelance and try to get around gville or do some short vacations. if i have to go in the summer, then i'm' going to have to get ready really quick and get my ass up to nyc. AAAGGGGHHHH, okay, can't think about it. i might not get in at all and i'm making myself insane for no reason. but, the point is, i'm craving some pavement.

alright, i'mm going to bed. tomorrow is all about dreamweaver frames and making a website much like this one.

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