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limewire magic, livejournal and frames!, and the eternal escape from the obvious-mediocrity

so, it's saturday and i'm doing homework. i'mm about to go visit my sister at work, whoopee! i realize now that this website itself is built with dreamweaver frames or html, which is pretty exciting since this website is one that i have to replicate in some fashion for my mid term. weird. i have to have a 25 page ecommerce website done by the end of the semester, which scares me. i need to sit in my room on this "thing" and figure out dreamweaver

i just talked to summer for our weekly hour conversation. she's just so rad, i wish we lived closer to each other. when i figure out what i'm doing with parsons, i'm going to seriously try to visit her.

anyway, i'm out the door again. still waiting, anxiously, on parsons.
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