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carl carlson, pins and needles and "as ben franklin once said house guest are like fish" HS

my file is going under review tomorrow at parsons. i'm so nervous. this is a life altering situation. i've come to the conclusion that i might not get in due to the tardiness of my application. but, at this point, i will be dissapointed if i don't get into parsons. if i don't get in, i'mm seriously considering just going to nyc and getting a job while reapplying in the fall. you gotta do what you gotta do to get ahead and i think now that going to grad school is important to my future. i've talked to way too many people from mdcc that say the degree isn't worth it and can't get jobs. too much to risk.

so, hopefully i'll have some good news. i talked to the receptionist woman today and she said she had just been looking and talking to someone about my cridentials (sp?). i don't know if that's good or bad.

on a nice note, i had a good weekend. it was me mostly working but i went out on sat. i met up with and lost eva and danny in the first two hours. i think i'm going to sarasota/tampa this weekend with jason. it would be cool to meett up with justin, but i'm still not sure if i'm going at all. we'll see!
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