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humpday and web site design

i've learned some cool stuff today in my dreamweaver class, which i think will enable me to do some really cool stuff. maybe, even, redesign my website and do some cool tricks. actually, i think i'm going to wait on doing any personal web site construction until i learn how to manipulate flash. the thing is flash, as we know it, is changing and therefore by the time i learn how to use it, what i know right now or will know through flash 5 will be outdated. cursed industry.

i'm really on pins and needles with this whole parson's school thing. i want to be accepted so bad since the possibility of me getting my masters as opposed to a dumb ass a.s. degree is so exciting. Also, the prospect of living in new york city is damn cool, which would be conducive to me making a career there. all around i'm going to be dissapointed if things don't work out. realistically, i should have applied just a little earlier than i did. But, what can i do about that now? I'm just going to have to sit tight and hope for the best and be accepting of the worst.

i'm struggling with the idea of going out tonight. a girl i know, fran, who lives in nyc already and has been admitted to the parson's grad school of design for graphics asked me to hang out with her tonight at the gables pub. i wish eva and danny could go, but i know eva will be done with work in a week and can hang out afterwards. i really don't have anything to do tomorrow until 6:30pm so i don't really have a reason to go to bed early. but, at the same time, the idea of hanging out ALONE for the first ime in a month sounds really appealing as well. i dunno, i might go out for a little bit.

anyway, i'm going to check out what's new on ebay.
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