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life is good, the big apple and the perils of continuing education

I've been working really hard on transfering to a graduate program for design. So far, I've been looking into Parsons and SVA in NYC. I'm also considering applying to SCAD in Savannah and perhaps RIDS. Anyway, I'm very excited about it and pretty much on cloud nine. My parents are fully supporting this idea circa my mom seeing some episode of Martha Stewart (arch nemisis). You see, this particular episode my mom saw had her creative staff showing their portfolios and their work. Martha also told her viewing audience that she only hires students from RIDS (Rhode Island Design School). I came home that day from school and my mom was immediately telling me about what she saw on the show and how she thought I should go to a fancy pants private college. So, here I am, applying to schools and looking for loans. I couldn't be happier doing it.

I went to Eva's for memorial day. Turns out I caught up with some very nice people who took us in when we first got to England, Michael and Sylvia. It was a great day indeed.

I'm tired, more when I'm more "awake"

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