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01:06pm 22/02/2004
mood: tired
well, last night was miami's "street" local music fest. it was pretty cool, the venue was unlike that of anyplace i've visited in miami. it was more of a warehouse than anything else, it brought back memories of atlanta and yesteryear. the times i enjoyed in atlanta were mostly at night and mostly involving either an art show or a show show. so, it was pretty neat, i like miami's ice palace.

moving on, coachella is coming up. we're all making plans. work it.
okay, i've been bad   
07:19pm 01/09/2003
  yeah, i've been real bad. i'm going to start writing more in this journal cuz i know if i don't i'll be regrettin' logging in my life. howse it going out there in the big bad livejournal world?  
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getting kicked in the ass by the power that be   
04:26pm 07/04/2003
mood: crazy
so, my computer has a virus and i'm about to graduate. i can't tell you what an inconvienience that is. i can't spell so don't make fun.

i had SO much fun in tampa this weekend and i definitely want to go back for a longer stay (and a less drunk one). i had a great time hanging out and we went to a lot of cool places. i know i got too drunk and i don't really remember much of the latter part of the night. i remember dancing a lot though. i just hope everyone was as drunk as me and had as much fun. it's hard when you're on the atkins diet cause you're not really supposed to drink. salad's aren't the best for absorbing alcohol

so, now i'm back here in miami and i'm kinda bored. my friends are playing a show at the pube this weekend in case anyone wants to come down. i'm staying in much of the week though, too much work and school. i always say that but i don't i know it's not going to happen.

my car ride home from tampa was the worst. i was dying and this guy tony kept asking me to make out with him. i hate long car rides with dumb people.
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castaway, 20-something debauchery and noticing when life is uncomplicated and good   
08:18pm 07/11/2002
mood: good
it's been so long, i feel like i've been on a far away island without communication to old collegiate regions. my life is more of the same, still dating john, going to school, still looking for a job that isn't completely beneath me. school is going to be done soon and i'm starting to think about what i'm going to do, whether to stay here in miami or to move. i guess when i graduate i'll start pdf-ing my resume off to firms across the country. but, i'm not really thinking about that now. i really need some $$$, i'm flat broke. i've been doing design jobs for my dad and that's been holding me over but now it's dry and there ain't nothin' for me from my dad. i've gotta get some work.

i'm going to gator growl this year which shouldn't be surprising cause my sisters are still there. i think there are something like 20 of us going. it should be interesting, i just think we're going to be taking over any place that comes across our path. i would love it for my orlando friends to maybe make it over to the g-ville one day from that weekend. i'm going to be staying (hopefully) with jason and i believe that my boyfriend might go. it's still uncertian cause he has work, but regardless i think it's going to be a lot o' fun.

this weekend i got some stuff done that i've been needing to get to. i'm starting to teach myself flash with the "training from the source" book. i'm going to get back on it after i finish my corn starch and cooking packaging design for my design 3 class. i also have to start working on a digital imaging proposal and start studying for the digital imaging quiz that takes place on monday. friday i went to the tavern to meet up with my best friend jen, john, peter, george and luis. we only stayed out for a little bit cause halloween kicked our asses. but, on saturday night i had a party at my house (on account that my parents were outta town). it was madness, there were like 100 people and my sisters were down. it was a bunch of fun. john, jen, pete, billy and katie were the only leftovers in the morning. it was fun.

everyone go to gator growl. xxoo
i don't sleep anymore   
02:42am 24/09/2002
  i can't sleep. i don't really have the patience to write a lot cause i'm tired but i can't sleep.

things are going well for me. john, my boy, listened to le tigre for the first time the other day. he now wants to cover the song deceptacon with his band. he's asked me for lyrics and a copy of the song so they can start the cover. i'm making him a cd now with a bunch of other things i listen to. i think it's so funny they want to cover deceptacon and so very frightening at the same time. i just can't imagine.

alright, enough for now. more later in the continuing saga that is "all my ________"
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in memorium   
02:18pm 10/09/2002
mood: crying/miserable
i've been crying all morning. there's nothing trivial about any one aspect of the terrorist targets but it's the pennsylvania people that really get to me. last night at 9:11pm and at 11:11pm i wished that we could get through if not just today but for the next year to come without something like 9/11 happening. i was relieved this year not to wake up to my hysterical mother physically getting me out of bed and into the living room to watch brian gumble reporting that two planes had hit the world trade centers. my face is so red that i think i might be late to class this afternoon. i can't imagine what my friends in nyc must be seeing.

i've got to get ready for school. i may be on later.
let down, one good turn deserves another and king creole   
01:56pm 09/09/2002
mood: awake
i've listened to ok computer's "let down" about 30 times already today. it's a real problem, i've been refering to it as one giant musical orgasms to those who haven't heard the song.

what's new? hm....nothing really. school is starting to kick my ass but i like that. today i'm going to get my books today, work on my resume, get a memory chip for my digital cam and a new flash and finish some illustrations i need to get done for a power point presentation. oh yeah, and do about 10 miles on the bike provided the rain lets up a little.

my sister's are going to be in town this weekend and i'm excited. i mean, i have fun when they're not here, i've made a bunch of friends and i've been hanging out with john. but, it's like a celebration when they're here and we always have the best time. katie, dana, renee, jen and i (and maybe veronica) are going to pop life on sat. it's a complete girls night out even though every weekend night is a girls night out, even if there are boys around. we're first going to dana's for a house warming party for her roommate summer. then, we're going to hang out until about the time we should start heading out to pop life. i went to pop life with billy, ray, veronica and jen not this past week but the week before and we had a lot of fun. i really do miss eva and danny when i go there, it just seems as though they should be right by me dancing along (sniff). but, i keep up the tradition just as long as i'm here.

i watched the um/uf game this weekend and it was just shameful. embarassing

what else? parents were gone this weekend and i had a small party at the house on friday. i've become friends with my neighbor/high school friend chantal abitbol again so she spent some time over here with me. saturday john, ray, billy, jen and chantal all left my house in the afternoon (we had a bit of a sleep over) and i was alone all day which was nice. my friend dana called me and invited me to go to her sister's house for the game and i just wasn't up for it. i was excited about having some time to myself. around 8:30 john started calling to find out what i was doing that night and i ended up going to a pool hall with my friend dana to hang out with the boys. it was just her, me, john and about 10 of his guy friends. we had fun, drank some beers, ended up back at john's house and hung out till about 4. i left the next day after watching half of the dolphin's game. i can only take so much of not being at my house. i wanted to go home and just relax like wicked bad. that night i went to dana's to drink wine and watch sex and the city-the final episode. i was there until about midnight and then chantal and i came back to the neighborhood so we could get to bed at a decent time. that was my weekend pretty much.

but, i'm really excited about going dancing this weekend.

life is good right now.

i'm off to research design schools for the spring term. deadlines are in november!!!!!!!!!!

revolver's been turned over, school tidings and the benefits of cardiovascular workouts   
07:13pm 25/08/2002
mood: peaceful
i think i worked out 5 days out of last week. i rock

i'm about to go on a bike ride. the only thing about that stupid bike i ride is that the seat is made for a man and it's hurts like a bitch to ride after awhile. i've gone up to 10 miles a day and i can't tell you how painful that can be.

this weekend was a lot of fun. i went to revolver on friday with chantal, jen, john, john's roommates, my siter katie and dana. we danced, saw a bunch of people i've known for awhile, drank for free (having a "boyfriend" is pretty cool when you don't have a job), etc. then i went back with john and peter to john's house and we hung out till bright and early in the morning. the next night jen and i went to get dana and veronica with john and billy (jen's man). we went over to the gables pub and then to a party at the four quarter's habitat (apartment complex) where the knockouts and lose the rookie live. we hung out with a bunch of kids and then we went back to john's where there were a bunch of people chilling. it was a pretty good weekend, although my sister's are now gone and that sucks. but, i've been partying extra hard lately and i could use a break.

i know there are people's names that are unknown, but that's pretty much why i haven't written in awhile...the social life has been like an everyday thing. thankfully, school starts soon and i think i'm ready for it. i've kept myself pretty busy with things over the past few weeks, it's time to get back on track. my parents are out for the weekend and i'mm pretty psyched. julia's going to be home and we're already talking of having a party.

anyway, that's it for me. school starts in two days and i'm ready
long time no talk and the utter stupidity of confused relations between two people getting to know..   
05:17pm 22/08/2002
mood: good
so, it's been some time since i last wrote. lots of things have been going on, i'm busy working on projects, started quasi-seriously dating a boy named john walsh and have been preparing for my sister's to leave back to gville. i've also rekindled friendships with some people i used to know from high school, chantal and jenny. i'm going now but wanted to stop in and tell everyone i say hi
once you start me up i'll never stop   
09:40pm 26/07/2002
  okay, i'm going to mick jaggers 60th birthday party tonight with Eva. my cousin, whose a ford model, loves me and gave me an invitation for 2 people to get in. it's free smirnoff all night. how rad is this? i can hardly contain myself.....so excited.

eva's on herr way over and we're gonna get ready. i'll let you know how it goes tomorrow
i don't know what to even write here....   
10:01pm 16/07/2002
mood: confused
so, i found out from parsons today. i didn't get in. they wrote me a letter basically telling me that there were only 17 seats to fill and that i should try to apply again. what's that all about? alright alright, i know. i applied in june which is a tad late. but, i was soooooo looking forward to getting out of south fla for grad school. it's like i know that i want to do this, i want to go to grad school for graphic design and i want to go ahead and get on with it. but, i also feel like i'm getting older and i'd really be starting my career at 30 if i go to grad school even now. i'm going to still go ahead and apply for grad programs for the spring, that's going to be my new committment. but, i don't know what i'm going to do if i don't get into a program then. it's just driving me crazy. and, i think a lot hangs on the fact that i'm going to a community college, studying at a lower academic level than a university. i really don't know what to do now. i had plans tto move tto ny, a place to stay, ideas of what i wanted to do. i'm just really confused as to what i'mm going to do now. most of the talk going on among my parents and i involve me staying here in miami, getting a full time job and applying for spring. i don't know if i can handle living here even for, god, 5 more months. maybe i just need to go to nyc and get a job while applying for grad school. you know, i just feel like i really need to talk to some graphic design counsoler and just get the fucking straight up facts as to how to get into a grad program.

i have a lot of thinking to do. the good thing from all of this is that my drive to do better and beef up my portfolio is up. way up. i'm really okay to all of you guys out there....i'm just trying to sort out all these gory details.

i need some sleep, it's been a long day.

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everybody's working for the weekend, mallah mwal ah alllll, jebus   
05:53pm 06/07/2002
mood: anxious
went to the bridge down at hobie beach last night. it's real pretty there, it's been since i took my out of town friends there a couple years back. i forgot how pretty the view can be. i drank many rolling rocks and hung out with some cool people and my sisters. i'm just bored in this town and i feel so stagnant. i don't know, i'm trying to figure out the answer. a good friend of mine told me that if you're happy with yourself you can be happy living in any place. i'm trying to figure out if it's really miami or just my mental state. i just want to be in a better program for graphic design and with a job already, be it in miami or somewhere else.

i'm still waiting to hear from parsons. obviously.

what else? hm, i think i'mm going to watch north shore tonight and get some homework done. i feel restless for some reason....it's not good.
a sorely needed roadtrip, what the f#@k and when will i finally hear from that goddamn grad program?   
09:55pm 05/07/2002
mood: indescribable
okay, i'mm having some major cabin fever. i've realized that i haven't been anywhere in months other than within a 100 mile radius (have to count ft. laud). so, my friends are on a road trip now and i'm suffering from major jealousy and cabin fever. plus, i'm totally sick of everything and everyone here and need to be refresed by people i haven't seen in awhile. i really wish my cousin tommy lived closer than California/Seattle-i haven't seen him in sooooooo long. anyway, i think it's either gville, tampa or orlando for me next weekend.

i still haven't heard from parsons. i think they've plotted my mental demise with all this waiting.

i got blood drawn today to have a total check up and i'm supposed to go get the results a week from monday. that should be fun. i have two silver dollar bruises where they took the blood on each arm. they, evidentally, couldn't find my veins and stuck me about six times, three on each arm. i was sitting there, they put two turnicates on my arm and sat there slapping my mid arm. five minutes later they're still slapping my arm and i'm slumped up against the wall with my eyes rolling back into my head. ten minutes later i can't feel my arm anymore and i'm sleeping/passed out up against the wall. finally, they got the god damn vein in my left arm to bubble up to take blood from. i left somewhat triumphant since i had been to the office just two days earlier screaming that i couldn't do it, i couldn't have them put the needle in. i was sure to go this time groggy after sleep and not with black coffee rushing through my veins and making me insanely paranoid.

well, that's about it for me right now. i need a beer
this weekend   
02:20pm 28/06/2002
  hey to all my friends. fyi-my parents are out of town for the weekend and the invitation to come down and party with free accomodations stands. lemme know via my aol account.

legend, the great rubick's caper and the two towers   
12:52am 24/06/2002
mood: creative
ah, i'm sleepy. i'm getting to that point in the night where it's time for me to retreat into the depths of minas tirith where i will find my friends gollum, samwise and frodo on their way to the depths of mordor to destroy the ring of darkness. oh yes, i'm almost done (FINALLY) with the two towers. it's only taken me 6 months (to be fair, i've spent about a fortnights time actually reading it). so, i'm feeling moderately accomplished.

so, i have an idea for my third attempt at a personal website. the first one was shit. the second, i only half finished but was a great improvement and the third, which i have not started, will be the final deal for awhile hopefully. here's my idea:

i'm currently designing an interactive rubick's cube in illustrator to import it into flash. there i will add music (which has been selected but for purposes of stealing my idea from the public-i'm not disclosing). then, after it does some spotlight movements and rotate around a bunch, it will slow. then, you will be able to select from one of the traditional "four" cube sides-1. illustrations 2. photography 3. projects and 4. the portfolio. so, it's my new idea that i'm toying with. I've made a prototype side, but it's only 2 dimensional. now i have to work on a three dimensional cube and i have to manipulate it in several frames to make the actions. fun fun.

so, that's about it from me. i quit borders so the torture will end soon...so excited. if i get into parson's for fall, i'm going to keep doing the freelance and try to get around gville or do some short vacations. if i have to go in the summer, then i'm' going to have to get ready really quick and get my ass up to nyc. AAAGGGGHHHH, okay, can't think about it. i might not get in at all and i'm making myself insane for no reason. but, the point is, i'm craving some pavement.

alright, i'mm going to bed. tomorrow is all about dreamweaver frames and making a website much like this one.

limewire magic, livejournal and frames!, and the eternal escape from the obvious-mediocrity   
03:16pm 22/06/2002
mood: anxious
so, it's saturday and i'm doing homework. i'mm about to go visit my sister at work, whoopee! i realize now that this website itself is built with dreamweaver frames or html, which is pretty exciting since this website is one that i have to replicate in some fashion for my mid term. weird. i have to have a 25 page ecommerce website done by the end of the semester, which scares me. i need to sit in my room on this "thing" and figure out dreamweaver

i just talked to summer for our weekly hour conversation. she's just so rad, i wish we lived closer to each other. when i figure out what i'm doing with parsons, i'm going to seriously try to visit her.

anyway, i'm out the door again. still waiting, anxiously, on parsons.
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02:33pm 21/06/2002
  so, i just called parsons and my file was complete to be sent for review. kill me, the stress is going to be the end of me. they said they would notify me in the mail....argh.

i went out with eva, danny, sara and my sister on wednesday night. i ended up seeing alex's alexis there and we went to a friend of her's to sing keryoke. i think i'm putting myself on the wagon for a little bit, i was stupid drunk there singing pj harvey. so embarassed.

anyway, i'll update you on my student status as it comes in. i'm so nervous, i think i'm attributing my "ass" behavior towards that.
carl carlson, pins and needles and "as ben franklin once said house guest are like fish" HS   
02:02am 18/06/2002
mood: nervous
my file is going under review tomorrow at parsons. i'm so nervous. this is a life altering situation. i've come to the conclusion that i might not get in due to the tardiness of my application. but, at this point, i will be dissapointed if i don't get into parsons. if i don't get in, i'mm seriously considering just going to nyc and getting a job while reapplying in the fall. you gotta do what you gotta do to get ahead and i think now that going to grad school is important to my future. i've talked to way too many people from mdcc that say the degree isn't worth it and can't get jobs. too much to risk.

so, hopefully i'll have some good news. i talked to the receptionist woman today and she said she had just been looking and talking to someone about my cridentials (sp?). i don't know if that's good or bad.

on a nice note, i had a good weekend. it was me mostly working but i went out on sat. i met up with and lost eva and danny in the first two hours. i think i'm going to sarasota/tampa this weekend with jason. it would be cool to meett up with justin, but i'm still not sure if i'm going at all. we'll see!
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humpday and web site design   
07:03pm 05/06/2002
mood: optimistic
i've learned some cool stuff today in my dreamweaver class, which i think will enable me to do some really cool stuff. maybe, even, redesign my website and do some cool tricks. actually, i think i'm going to wait on doing any personal web site construction until i learn how to manipulate flash. the thing is flash, as we know it, is changing and therefore by the time i learn how to use it, what i know right now or will know through flash 5 will be outdated. cursed industry.

i'm really on pins and needles with this whole parson's school thing. i want to be accepted so bad since the possibility of me getting my masters as opposed to a dumb ass a.s. degree is so exciting. Also, the prospect of living in new york city is damn cool, which would be conducive to me making a career there. all around i'm going to be dissapointed if things don't work out. realistically, i should have applied just a little earlier than i did. But, what can i do about that now? I'm just going to have to sit tight and hope for the best and be accepting of the worst.

i'm struggling with the idea of going out tonight. a girl i know, fran, who lives in nyc already and has been admitted to the parson's grad school of design for graphics asked me to hang out with her tonight at the gables pub. i wish eva and danny could go, but i know eva will be done with work in a week and can hang out afterwards. i really don't have anything to do tomorrow until 6:30pm so i don't really have a reason to go to bed early. but, at the same time, the idea of hanging out ALONE for the first ime in a month sounds really appealing as well. i dunno, i might go out for a little bit.

anyway, i'm going to check out what's new on ebay.
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life is good, the big apple and the perils of continuing education   
01:11am 29/05/2002
mood: productive
I've been working really hard on transfering to a graduate program for design. So far, I've been looking into Parsons and SVA in NYC. I'm also considering applying to SCAD in Savannah and perhaps RIDS. Anyway, I'm very excited about it and pretty much on cloud nine. My parents are fully supporting this idea circa my mom seeing some episode of Martha Stewart (arch nemisis). You see, this particular episode my mom saw had her creative staff showing their portfolios and their work. Martha also told her viewing audience that she only hires students from RIDS (Rhode Island Design School). I came home that day from school and my mom was immediately telling me about what she saw on the show and how she thought I should go to a fancy pants private college. So, here I am, applying to schools and looking for loans. I couldn't be happier doing it.

I went to Eva's for memorial day. Turns out I caught up with some very nice people who took us in when we first got to England, Michael and Sylvia. It was a great day indeed.

I'm tired, more when I'm more "awake"

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